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What Are Those Tiny Red Bugs?

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That’s the question pest control operators in Kansas and throughout the country are being asked this summer. The answer is clover mites. Not a dangerous pest (they don’t bite, sting, spread disease or cause structural damage), these tiny red bugs are more of a nuisance pest when they find a way into homes and buildings.

This type of mite (related to spiders and ticks) typically feeds on grass and other vegetation but will venture inside if they discover a way. Because they are so tiny and homes and buildings often have cracks, gaps and small openings on their exteriors this is really rather simple.

  • Pest proofing your home will help deter clover mites and other pests for that matter. A few pest prevention tips include:

  • Sealing any cracks or crevices in the foundation or elsewhere on the exterior.

  • Caulking any gaps around windows and doors.

  • Replacing or repairing torn or otherwise damaged window screens (screen doors too).

  • Trimming back trees and shrubs so that they do not make contact with the outside of the structure.

If you have found clover mites inside your home, contact a pest control company for relief. With the right tools and of course vast knowledge of the insect including behavior and control, exterminators will be able to resolve your clover mite infestation in no time.

For clover mite control and other pest control services in Kansas City and throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and parts of Arkansas, Arizona and Texas, Schendel Pest Services is the ideal choice. In business since 1947, Schendel is ready to help you get rid of clover mites and other pests that threaten your home and family.