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Simple Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs in Florida

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All around America, bed bug infestations are on the rise. And unfortunately, with the large amounts of tourist traveling activity, Tampa and surrounding areas in Northern Florida are particularly at risk. One of the biggest reasons why bed bugs are an increasing problem is the ease with which they travel; literally hitching a ride on one person, jumping off, and hitching a ride with someone else. Places where a lot of people gather together are perfect spots to pick up bed bugs. Places such as schools, seminars, or airports are a few common examples. Also, places that a lot of people frequent, like busses, hotel rooms, or even taxis are common bed bug hiding spots. They will even sometimes jump onto the seat or luggage of a traveler.

Because bed bugs breed so rapidly, and can hide in the tiniest of spots, it is best to avoid bringing them into your home to begin with. Here are a few simple tips for bed bug prevention.

  1. In depth visual inspection. It will help if you use a flashlight and we suggest carrying one with you while traveling to search hotel rooms.

  2. Regularly check bed sheets for blood spots and shed bed bug skins.

  3. Keep your clothing inside plastic bags and in your suitcase while in hotel rooms.

  4. Thoroughly vacuum luggage out when returning home and run all clothing through the wash at the hottest temperature available to the fabrics.

  5. Be extremely careful when purchasing second hand furniture. Search and clean all furniture brought into your home, and consider contacting McCall Services for help.

  6. Also be sure to search pet bedding carefully and often; washing it will help, too.

Bed bugs are extremely elusive creatures and difficult to control alone. At the first sign of bed bugs, you should contact McCall Services to begin treatment. Once we have located the bed bugs, there are a few different options we offer for treating an infestation.

We can offer a more traditional method using chemicals and heavy duty vacuums. Another treatment option that is becoming increasingly popular is our bed bug heat treatment method. With this method we prepare the infested area of your house, and then use mobile heating units to raise the air temperature to 120 degrees for several hours. At this temperature, not only the bed bugs themselves, but also the bed bug eggs are killed. This option is not only 100% effective, but is also a much more green method compared to chemical usage. Whatever option you decide to go with, McCall Services will work with you the whole way to ensure you are 100% satisfied. So dont waste any time, contact our service professionals today to get rid of bed bugs in Florida!