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Why You Don’t Want Pantry Pests In Your Texas Home

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If you have ever been victim to a pantry pest infestation in your home then you understand just how much of a headache these pests can be. Pantry pests are the name given to a group of critters including the Indian meal moth, cigarette beetle, red flour beetle and others that infest the food products in your kitchen. The thing that makes pantry pests different from a lot of other home pest infestations like cockroaches or ants is that many times, pantry pests are carried into your home via groceries.

Pantry pests often enter food and grains in the food processing plant. Adults will lay their eggs in the food products which allows these pests to reside in your package of flour or cereal before they even hit the shelf at the grocery store. The good news is that pantry pests are not generally harmful to humans, just disgusting. The food that they infest must be thrown out, costing you money and a whole lot trauma at the sight of opening a food product containing bugs!

Want to avoid the threat of pantry pests altogether? There are a few things that you can do to prevent pantry pests in Texas from sneaking into your home. Here are pantry pest prevention tips from the experts in South Texas pest control at Holder’s Pest Solutions:

  1. While in the grocery store, inspect packages carefully before tossing them into your cart. If the package has damage or appears to be deformed in any way, go for a different one. Damaged packages could have openings which could mean beetles or moths found their way inside.

  2. If the package is clear, take a closer look and see if there are any signs of critters hanging out in the food. Any suspicious looking food items should not be purchased.

  3. If you are going for bulk foods like baking goods, stop and ask yourself how quickly you will use it up. If the item is more likely to sit in the food pantry for months, or years, a smaller package is probably a better option.

  4. Clean your kitchen cupboards and food pantry, discarding the items that are old, have been open for a long time or are past their use by dates.

By following these tips you will be less likely to experience a pantry pest infestation in your home. But keep in mind, if you do find Texas beetles or any other pantry pests in your home and you are not able to control them, or do not want to control them yourself, call Holder's Pest Solutions for help!

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