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Solar Panel Bird Exclusion In Hawaii

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When living in Honolulu there are many types of pests that you have to deal with and try to keep off of and out of your property whether it is your home or business. Pest birds can be very difficult to deal with and remove from you property and in order to effectively control birds on your property, a professional that has experience with bird control in Honolulu should be contacted. Birds of Hawaii that are commonly considered to be pests in Honolulu and surrounding areas include mynah birds, pigeons, sparrows, and chickens. The professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have both the experience and technology needed to help you eliminate and then control pest birds in your home or business.

Pest birds on your property are not just a nuisance to deal with; in fact they can be quite dangerous for you, your family, customers or employees to be around. Pest birds like the Mynah bird in Hawaii will cause damage to your home or business as they nest and roost; causing damage to air-conditioning systems, venting systems, and other machinery, along with making your property appear unsightly. They will contaminate your building and surrounding property with their feces, introduce other parasites to your property, and introduce diseases that can cause serious illness in people. For help with how to get rid of mynah birds and other pest birds from your Honolulu property, contact the experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today. We have different options for bird control like shock tracks, bird spikes, humane trapping, netting and birdwire to pick and choose from depending on your unique situation.

In Hawaii and almost everywhere many people are turning to solar panels as an energy saving option for their homes and businesses. And while this is a great way to conserve energy, it is also a great way to attract pest birds to your property. Solar panels are the perfect environment for pest birds to nest in, live in, and damage its wiring, panels and equipment. The best way to protect your solar panel investment is to have a solar-panel exclusion system installed. At Sandwich Island Pest Solutions, our solar panel exclusion system is 100% effective, involves just one fast, easy installation, protects against multiple birds species and pressure levels, and comes with a 12 month renewable warranty with installation. Don’t let your investment go to the birds, contact Sandwich Island Pest Solutions to start protecting your solar panels today.

To schedule your service or to get more information about pest birds and how to control them, contact our pest bird control experts today. We will work with you as an individual to ensure that your needs are met and pest birds and any other type of pests are eliminated safely and effectively from your property.