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Holiday Baking Tips To Avoid Pantry Pests

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It’s the Holiday’s! Not only is it time to spend hours untangling those lights (that you could swear you wrapped up so neatly last year), and prepare for retail battle to get that one gift you must have, it’s also time to bake! Nothing can ruin a batch of cookies made with love like stored product pests such as Indian meal moths, saw toothed grain beetles, etc. These troublesome pests infiltrate not only the food products you use, but many other materials in your home.

Most pantry beetles come into your home inside products you buy. Always check packages in the store before you put them in the cart. Check again when you open a package. If you discover that you have a stored product pest infestation, the best thing to do is throw away all contaminated materials. Quarantine unopened packages in a grocery bag and store them in a separate area.

Here is a list of some of the food products that are prone to infestation:

Breakfast foods (especially hot and cold cereals), flour, cake mix, chocolate, rice, dried fruits and vegetables, popped and un-popped popcorn, peas, beans, corn kernels cookies, cornmeal, grits, dry soups, dried herbs and spices, candy, nuts and seeds, crackers, shelled and unshelled peanuts, powdered milk, bouillon, biscuit mix, and pasta.

Some items that we don’t eat but are potential food sources for pantry pests include dried flower arrangements (such as potpourri), bird seed, dry pet food, rawhides, dog bones, tobacco products, decorative wall and table arrangements containing plant or animal material, dried fruit peels, jewelry or holiday decorations containing nuts or seeds, and bean bags.

A pest control professional can make sure that your home and pantry are protected from not only pantry pests, but all of those pesky critters that can ruin holiday. Rose Pest Solutions is the preferred choice for both residential and commercial pest control in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Please got to for more information.