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Stink Bug Prevention Tips

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Stink bugs are considered to be nuisance and agricultural pest that unfortunately plague homeowners in Long Island and throughout New York and Connecticut. Typically less than one inch in length, these pests are most recognizable by the distinct triangular shape plate on their bug. In fact, because of this they are often referred to as shield bugs. Aptly named, their defense mechanism is to emit a foul odor when they feel threatened; this odor is also present when they are squished or squashed.

While considered to be agricultural pest stink bugs can become quite a problem for homeowners as well in the fall months. When the weather becomes cooler sometimes even as early as the end of August they will begin looking for a warm, safe place to overwinter in. They will enter homes and other building through cracks around windows and doors, through loose roof shingles and around pipes and vents. Once inside they don’t immediately find a hiding spot and stay there all winter, instead they remain quite active and you will find them crawling throughout your home and feeding on your indoor plants and fruit. You will find them crawling on curtains, walls, ceilings, behind furniture, lamp shades, closets, and even in laundry baskets. However when the coldest part of winter does hit they will hibernate behind walls in your attic and basement, and in your insulation. Stink bugs will move back outdoors when then weather warm back up usually around the beginning of June.

This fall if you find that you have stink bugs crawling around your home do not try to pick them up or squish them, this will cause them to release their foul odor which is quite pungent. Instead you should vacuum them up, but make sure you immediately empty your vacuum bag or container into an outdoor trash can to prevent your vacuum from smelling. There are also things that you can do around your home to try and prevent them from even being able to enter in the first place and to make your home less appealing to them. Stink bug prevention tips include:

  • Trim back plants and trees that are near the exterior of your home, they will use their branches as bridge to your home.

  • Seal gaps in the foundation and elsewhere on the exterior of the home

  • Caulk around windows and doors, and make sure that all screens are completely intact.

  • Store fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator to help reduce food sources.

Even with prevention sometimes stink bugs may find a way into your home. In addition to the preventative measures mentioned above, consider contacting a pest control company who offers stink bug treatments to stop these fall pests from entering your home. When speaking with an experienced exterminator, you may also ask about a year round home pest control program that will protect your home and family from stink bugs and other household pests all year long.

For more information on exterior stink bug treatments and home pest control in Long Island, Westchester County, the five boroughs and Fairfield County, CT., contact the pest control pros at Parkway Pest Services. In business since 1932, the 3rd generation, family owned and operated exterminating company can help you protect your home and family from stink bugs and other insects and rodents.