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What Are Those Tiny Red Bugs Showing Up Around Your Maryland Home?

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Those tiny red bugs you’ve been noticing a lot lately are actually clover mites and they could be looking for shelter in your home. About the size of a pinhead, these bright red pests along with other household bugs and rodents aren’t huge fans of cold weather and while you really can’t blame them, that does not mean you want to share your home with them. Unfortunately many homeowners do as they move indoors as cold weather approaches. Clover mites, though not dangerous are very much a nuisance pest and not one you want to welcome into your home.

Clover mites become a nuisance in the fall because they will move to the sunny exteriors of buildings and homes in order to stay warm; once on the exterior of your home they will make their way inside through cracks around windows, doors and in foundations. Once they get inside your home you will find them on your windows, window sills and walls. Clover mites do not bite, or spread disease. However these little red bugs can damage to your personal property, if they are smashed or squished they could stain walls, carpets, and the upholstery on your furniture.

The good news is that with a little effort you can significantly reduce the chances of entertaining these tiny red bugs (and other fall pests) in your home. Try implementing these pest-proofing tips in and around your home:

  • Seal cracks or crevices found in your home’s foundation or elsewhere on the exterior.

  • Caulk gaps around windows and doors to eliminate other entry points.

  • Inspect screens in open windows and doors to make sure that there are no rips or tears. Any screens that are not intact should be repaired or replaced.

  • Fix leaky pipes or fixtures to eliminate moisture issues.

  • Clean up spills and crumbs in your home immediately.

  • Use de-humidifiers in basement and other humid areas of your home.

If you’ve already found clover mites or insects and rodents in your home or want to make sure that you don’t spend the winter with uninvited houseguests, you should talk to a local pest control company that specializes in residential properties. A year round pest control plan offers eradication of the pests already active in your home as well as ongoing protection to keep insects and rodents out no matter the season.

Don’t let tiny red bugs or their friends take over your home this fall or any other time of the year; learn more about pest prevention and pest control and rest easy knowing your family and home are protected.

For more information on clover mites or to find out about home pest control services in Maryland, D.C. or North Virginia, American Pest can help.  In business since 1925, this Maryland pest control company has the tools, knowledge and experience to help you get rid of clover mites as well as other insects and rodents that call the region home.