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Texas Rodents Make Their Move Into Homes

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Remember those toasty days of summer… the warm sun on your back, those trips to the beach or the park? Well, all you can do is remember them now, because those days are long gone and winter is here!

Besides comfy fires in the fireplace and hot bowls of soup, winter brings along with it some other things – like rodents. When the temperatures outside get colder our little furry friends seek shelter in warmer, safer environments. Roof rats and mice can fit through openings as small as ¼ inch, and can climb straight up walls.

Now is the perfect time of the year to do your best to rodent proof your home. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Keep all garbage sealed in trash cans – preferably metal

  • Remove anything in your lawn rodents can live in – old, unused flower pots, buckets, etc.

  • Keep sheds and garages clean and free of clutter

  • Be sure all trees and shrubs are trimmed so all limbs are well away from the house – rodents are amazing jumpers

  • Seal all holes on the exterior of your home. Use copper wool, because caulks and foam will not keep rodents out. Steel wool will work, but it rusts quickly and is no longer a deterrent. Make sure all soffit vents are sealed. Use hardware cloth to seal any holes there.

  • Keep the inside of your home neat and clean. Piles of clothes and boxes make a perfect hiding place for rodents.

Unlike almost everything else in Texas, rats are not bigger. They are smarter of course! Rodents are very cunning and have survived millions of years so don’t feel bad if you end up with rodents in your home. If you do suspect you have rodent activity, or if you just want to make sure your home is well protected you should contact a pest control professional. In the Houston and Austin area, Holder’s Pest Solutions will take great care of you. Go to for more information.