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What Is Termite Baiting?

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Termites are a pest that causes costly damage to homes all across the United States, including those in Honolulu and Hawaii. Termites can cause significant economic devastation because of their ability to damage the structural integrity of the homes and buildings they infest. The two most common types of termites in Hawaii are ground termites and drywood termites.

Ground termites (also referred to as subterranean termites) live in large underground colonies. Members of these vast colonies are divided into castes composed of workers, soldiers and reproductives. As their name suggests they tunnel through the ground from their nesting area to their food source, which unfortunately is often the structural wood in homes and other buildings. These termites prefer to feed in wood that has had previous water damage and are drawn to areas of high moisture. Subterranean termites are very widespread and are responsible for an estimated 5 billions of dollars’ worth of property damage across the U.S each year.

Drywood termite adults are about ½ an inch in length. Unlike ground termites, this species does not require contact with soil to live and nest in. They feed in wood that has had no decay or previous water damage and therefore has very low moisture content. They most often cause damage to things like utility poles, fences and furniture. While these termites can cause significant damage to homes they cause a lot less damage then the more common ground termite because they are less widespread.

Eliminating ground termites from your property can be a very difficult process that should be handled by professionals. One of the most effective means of termite control is termite baiting. Termite baiting allows pest control operators to eliminate existing termite infestations and then goes onto monitor for and prevent future termite activity. Offering 24/7/365 termite protection this method of termite control is eco-friendly and requires no invasive drilling, digging or trenching. Bait stations are strategically installed around a property. Termite baiting works by attracting the termites with bait that they tend to prefer over cellulose found in wood. After ingesting the bait at the station, foraging termites will take it back to the rest of the colony resulting in complete termite elimination.

The Sentricon® Colony Elimination System is one of the best examples of termite baiting systems. The Sentricon® System provides proven environmentally friendly termite colony elimination with over 15 years of success for homeowners in Honolulu, Hawaii and all across the country. The new and improved system with Always Active technology provides bait stations that are longer lasting and contain bait that termites seem to prefer over wood. The Sentricon® Colony Elimination System is cost effective, discreet and requires no work on the homeowner’s end.

To get rid of termites in Honolulu, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is the ideal choice. Offering termite baiting featuring the Sentricon® System, the experienced HI termite exterminators also offer termite fumigation and other pest control services in Honolulu, Oahu and Hawaii.